How to Plan a Snowy Engagement Session


March 8, 2023

We are fortunate in Pennsylvania to have gorgeous locations to plan a snowy engagement session. Our session with Alisha and John was straight out of a fairy tale. The snow was perfectly falling that day, so we were able to capture it in real time. While I like the look of fresh powder, the snow actively falling made their photos even more magical.

There are three key areas to focus on when planning a snowy engagement session:

The Snow.

This is obvious, but also difficult! We typically see the first snow around October/November until April. That leaves plenty of options for snowy photos. However, there is also a lot to consider. When there’s only an inch on the ground, it is easy to get kicked around uncovering dirt in the photo, not ideal. On the other side of the spectrum, you also can’t walk into multiple feet of snow. As much as we love our local weatherman, the answer here is to plan for a day that works best for you and we can help come up with multiple options for locations with that sweet spot.

The Cold.

Brrrr, we don’t want you walking around like a giant marshmallow during your engagement session, but we also don’t want you to freeze! Between each outfit change, a car to warm up in is essential! We also recommend picking up a hot drink on your way to warm you up from the inside. We are mindful during the cold days of working efficiently while still having fun together! This is a day you and your love are going to remember.

The Outfits.

We suggest bringing a few outfits when you plan your snowy engagement session. Blues and maroons look good in the snow, but we are delighted by a pop of pink! I promise that’s not just the girl mom in me. We break down the different looks from Alisha and John:

Formal winter look – long warm coats, multiple layers, something you are comfortable in. John has a strong look with the peacoat and tie. Alisha softens up the photo with her snuggly cream coat. This is a classic, elegant photo that will stand the test of time. 

Casual winter look – long sleeves and possibly a first layer jacket. These are great to have body-to-body contact photos. These not only help keep you warm and also provide a more intimate look. This photo is trendy, while also very intentional. Alisha and John are being captured as who they are in an everyday look. 

Wedding preview – long sleeve dress, and a full suit. We really love these photos as it gives a taste of what the wedding will hold and you can make any adjustments as needed before the big day. We loved having the more urban backdrop that makes it seem like an elegant date night. 

As you notice even though they all are different vibes, they are very clearly Alisha and John. The couple looks comfortable (and not too cold!) in each of the different looks. This also brings us back to why we work together on your locations, the outfit + location really compliment each other to create the full look.

There are a couple more months left to plan a snowy engagement session! Reach out to us and we can help plan your perfect snow, location, and outfits!

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